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PubMed Access Changes & NCBI Accounts:

  • As of February 29, 2024 the links to PubMed from the Pace Library website and list of databases have been updated so that all users are prompted to logon to the PubMed site using Pace credentials through Shibboleth – this is required for on and off-campus access. After logging on to Shibboleth, the user will be prompted for Mobile DUO two-factor authentication. (NOTE: this is different from the EZProxy prompt that is used for off-campus access to other Pace Library databases)
  • After logging on through Shibboleth, the user will be put on the PubMed homepage and they will automatically be logged on to a Pace-affiliated NCBI account
    • NCBI accounts allow the user to Save searches, save citations to Collections, and more
    • These accounts are typically used by graduate students and faculty to manage their searches and research in PubMed
    • For many PubMed users, they want to create and use a personal NCBI account so that they can access Saved searches, etc.
  • Typically, when a user goes to (and previously through the Pace Library website), they could create a personal NCBI account using one of the many third-party options the NCBI makes available on their login page
  • Due to our new Shibboleth access to PubMed, we are bypassing that login page
  • Therefore, there may now be Pace students and faculty who previously created personal NCBI accounts who will have trouble accessing those personal accounts when entering PubMed through the Pace Library website.
  • The following steps will allow a Pace student or faculty member to access PubMed through the Pace Library website and then access their previously created personal NCBI account.  (Accessing PubMed through the Pace Library website is important so they get the Pace Library “Search for Item” button and the corresponding access to our full-text holdings as well as the ILLiad prompt when we do not have full-text)
  1. Go to, click on Databases, click on the letter P, in the list of databases click on PubMed
  2. The user will be prompted to logon using Pace credentials through the Shibboleth system (including prompt for Mobile DUO two-factor authentication)
  3. After logging on, the user will land on the PubMed search page. At the top, right of the search page the user should see a button that displays their username:


  1. Click the username button, then click Log out
  2. The button will change and will read Login – click the button




  1. On the next page, click Other login options



  1. From the login options menu, they should choose their previous access method, (i.e. Google Account) and login using their previously created credentials
  2. After doing this, they should be able to go to their personal NCBI Dashboard and see all their previously saved Searches, etc.
  3. If desired, Pace users can Link their two PubMed accounts
    1. Instructions for this come from NCBI and are available here:
    2. Tip for Linking accounts: start in your personal NCBI account
  4. NOTE: students who use their Pace-affiliated NCBI accounts to Save searches, citations, etc. will lose access to the Pace-affiliated NCBI accounts after they graduate
    1. Before graduating, those students should follow the above steps to Log out of their Pace-affiliated NCBI account and then use the “Other login options” to create a new third-party login / personal NCBI account

                                                                 i. Learn about NCBI third-party login options:

    1. After creating their personal NCBI account, they can use the instructions linked above to Link their personal and their Pace-affiliated accounts so they won’t lose the Searches, etc. that they saved under their Pace-affiliated NCBI account

updated DA,GM 2024

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