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The $75 is a flat fee that we set for all lost books. It includes a charge for the labor we incur in replacing the book, updating our records, cataloging it, and so forth, and averages out the cost of less and more expensive books. If you lose a paperback, it may seem excessive, but if you lose a $300 biology textbook then you're getting a good deal!

However, we will always accept a replacement copy for a lost book. If you replace a book you lost with a copy that's in good condition and the same edition or newer, we will waive the entire fine.

You should also be aware that if you have an unresolved lost book fine on your library record, a hold will be placed on your Banner account. This will prevent you from registering for classes, getting your diploma, requesting transcripts, and more. So it's a good idea to resolve those fines before the end of the semester. 

Reviewed 1/30/2018.

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